Do you try to pose your clients, but something just looks “off”?

Are you sick of buying posing guides that are nothing more than just a bunch of pictures? You just look at it and think….

“No shit! I can look at pictures anytime but how do I get my client to do that?!”

Often times, the simplest looking poses have some tricky elements to them and unless you’re aware of them, they just won’t look right. As someone who has been in the fashion industry for years while simultaneously serving my private client base, I’ve had to learn to deconstruct the most popular of poses for women who don’t have modeling experience.

Pose Pretty was created so that you have one less thing to worry about when you’re with your clients. You’ll never have to second guess yourself again. You’ll know exactly what to say to your clients to get them into each pose quickly. You can relax, appear confident, work faster and focus on client experience.

Each pose is broken down, one single step at a time. You can follow along or skip right to the last page where you’ll find a summary of all the steps together. We recommend going through each page, prior to your shoot. The summary page was added so that when you’re actually with your clients, you have everything in one convenient place.

You’ll immediately have access to our best-selling boudoir poses and by joining the VIP list, you’ll be the first to know when new poses are available.

Happy Posing!
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     [Grace Coddington & Shannon Michelle]